4 Tips on How to Choose your Groomsmen and Best Man.

  • The usual practice is for the groom to ask one of his relatives, or alternatively, a close friend to stand in as a Groomsman for his wedding
  • The Best Man is usually a brother, best friend or even his father if he so wishes
  • If he has more than one brother, or more than one best friend, he can give both the same position. It is quite acceptable for this to happen
  • As soon as the final decision is made, discuss the matter with them and lay out the duties of the Groomsmen and Best Man to them

5 Dress Etiquette Tips for Your Groomsmen.

  • The outfits that the groomsmen wear should complement the choice of the Groom
  • Matching shoes complement the uniformity of the look and can also be rented
  • If the suits are going to be hired, then the Groom may ask that the Best Man collect and return all the rented outfits
  • Although their attire should co-ordinate with that of the groom, it is always a good idea that he stand out slightly from the rest of the Groomsmen
  • The Groomsmen and Best Man usually pay for their own outfits, unless the Groom decides to be generous and cover this for them



What are the duties of the Groomsmen?

  • They help the Best Man with the arrangements for the bachelors
  • They attend the rehearsal at the church
  • They attend the engagement party and help with the arrangements
  • They take instructions regarding photographs that need to be taken by the photographer
  • They make sure that the Groom is taken care of on his wedding day
  • They make sure that the Groom eats something and has everything that he needs
  • They check that the person responsible for handing over the rings at the appropriate moment has the rings in his care
  • They might help to escort guests to their seats at the church, as well as at the reception
  • They will dance with the Bridesmaids and ensure that they are taken care of if they do not have partners of their own at the wedding
  • They will help with the cleaning up and returning of hired equipment/clothing